First Floor Rental

The opportunity to set the atmosphere for your next event:
  • Weddings
  • Theme Parties
  • Wedding/Baby Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Off-site Training
  • Office Parties
  • Holiday Dinners
  • Wine Tastings

Rental of the Whole First Floor – $100.00 per hour

Accommodates up to 49 people for socializing.

Grand Dining/Conservatory Dining Offers:

  • Table Seating: 24 total
  • Table Seating for Grand Dining Room: 12
  • Conservatory Dining Room: 6
  • Library: 6

Rental of Set-up Package – $25.00 per person

You may bring in all the items you will need to have your event. Or you may rent from a rental company. Another option is you may rent from Schuster Mansion’s Dining Set-up Package. You are charged $25.00 per person, which includes…

Plate, Salad Plate, Knife, Spoon, Fork, Dessert Fork, Coffee Cup, Saucer, Water Glass, Wine Glass, Champagne Glass, Pitchers for Water, 6 Serving Spoons, 3 – 12 Trays, 3 – 9 x 12 dishes with, Silver holding racks, Cork Screw, Table Cloths, Napkins, Creamer/Sugar Bowl, Ice Bucket, Salt/Pepper, Votive candle holders, other miscellaneous item

What Our Guests Are Saying...

“So awesome! Liked having the open cookie jar! Rick, we need to finish our chess game! We have to come back to hear more of Laura Sue’s stories.”

Joe & Terri
Chicago, IL