First Floor Rental

The opportunity to set the atmosphere for your next event:
  • Weddings
  • Theme Parties
  • Wedding/Baby Showers
  • Birthday Parties
  • Off-site Training
  • Office Parties
  • Holiday Dinners
  • Wine Tastings

Rental of the Whole First Floor – $100.00 per hour

Accommodates up to 49 people for socializing.

Grand Dining/Conservatory Dining Offers:

  • Table Seating: 24 total
  • Table Seating for Grand Dining Room: 12
  • Conservatory Dining Room: 6
  • Library: 6

Rental of Set-up Package – $25.00 per person

You may bring in all the items you will need to have your event. Or you may rent from a rental company. Another option is you may rent from Schuster Mansion’s Dining Set-up Package. You are charged $25.00 per person, which includes…

Plate, Salad Plate, Knife, Spoon, Fork, Dessert Fork, Coffee Cup, Saucer, Water Glass, Wine Glass, Champagne Glass, Pitchers for Water, 6 Serving Spoons, 3 – 12 Trays, 3 – 9 x 12 dishes with, Silver holding racks, Cork Screw, Table Cloths, Napkins, Creamer/Sugar Bowl, Ice Bucket, Salt/Pepper, Votive candle holders, other miscellaneous item

What Our Guests Are Saying...

“My mother and I attended the High Tea for her birthday. In the past, we’ve regularly attended at Watt’s Tea Shop until they closed their doors and since have been searching for a new place to go for tea. After trying a few other disappointing places, a pop up on Facebook caught my eye. I hadn’t heard of the mansion before this so I went on to investigate and learned about the mansion history and their offering of the High and Low teas. I made the decision to try the High Tea and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. This High Tea was the absolutely amazing experience that far surpassed every tea I have ever been to, including Watt’s…”

Lynn L.
Milwaukee, WI