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Past "The Red Castle." A magnificent mansion built on the outskirts of Milwaukee in 1891 for wealthy tobacco industrialist George J. Schuster. Comprised of red sandstone, red brick, and trimmed in ornamental red terra cotta, it was one of most impressive residences built within the city's affluent western reaches. During the turn-of-the-century dozens of Milwaukee's wealthy elite built their homes on the city's west side. Schuster's mansion was designed in 1891 by the locally renowned architectural firm Crane and Barkhausen in the German Renaissance Revival style. George and his first wife Nora moved in the mansion. Shorty after his death in 1924, his second wife Mary sold the house which was then converted to a luxury apartment building known then as the Redstone Apartments. The fact that it was converted to commercial use so early-on was a blessing in disguise. When the housing crunch of post WWII came into full swing, many of the prestigious residences in the neighborhood faced the wrecking ball to make way for more efficient living. However, with the mansion already providing housing for several households, it was spared from demolition. In the years following, the apartments at 3209 West Wells Street (having since lost the Redstone moniker) led a rather ordinary existence while the city continued to expand around it. Many of its landlords treated the gem with the respect it deserved, and put forth the extra effort needed to maintain it as one of the nicest buildings in the area. However, some recognized the antique value in the stained glass windows and other pieces of architecture, which were subsequently sold off. Restoration: Again in 2001, the apartment was sold and began the task of reconverting it to "mansion status". Much of the mansion's original charm was maintained despite the 1924 conversion. The suites bathrooms feature hexagon tiles floors, original tiled walls, as well as the baths which were installed in the 1924 conversion. Continue with Tradition: History and tradition are meant to be preserved and cared for. Thatís what Rick and Laura Sue bring to the Schuster Mansion. The demands from our guests are for more glorious experiences in the rooms. Our goal is to add on guest rooms without breaking the large rooms, or the multiple room suites tradition. Itís a careful process. More beauty is yet to come with the expansion of a terrace right outside the library. Then you can enjoy your morning breakfast in the luxury of a rose and flower garden while listening to the gentle water falling in our new old world fountain. A perfect setting for any party, wedding or just another part of your get away.