High Tea To Go

\’hī\ \’tē\

(noun) To Go

(Tea at your place)


High Tea TO GO

You want to have a Tea party at your location.
Or you have someone who is not able to leave where they are living.
And you do not have the time to plan, make, prepare the food.
Then let us do all that for you.
“This would be the perfect solution.”

If you do not have all the items that are needed to have a Tea party. Just put a large deposit down and we will have a box waiting for you with EVERYTHING that you will need for your party. And instructions. “Everything” means whatever is used and on the table if you were to have Tea at the Schuster Mansion.

When: Order for the date of your Tea party
Order: $40.00 per person plus tax
Deposit: $500.00 charge separate from the food bill

Return everything back and unbroken in 24 hours and you will get your deposit back.

What Our Guests Are Saying…

“So awesome! Liked having the open cookie jar! Rick, we need to finish our chess game! We have to come back to hear more of Laura Sue’s stories.”

Joe & Terri