When Rick and Laura Sue met in 2005, it was desire and intrigue at first sight.  As much as they both tried to continue with their individual lives, there was never a doubt they would be together. But neither knew where life was to take them next. They had shared many a conversation about the future… what was ahead for both of them. Fate decided to give them a little nudge.

Our Story

Shortly after Rick and Laura Sue were married, they decided a long weekend was in order and made reservations at a nearby bed and breakfast. Their experience prompted a simple conversation along with nervous excitement.  This was it: owning and running a bed and breakfast. What a great way to share a new life and showcase their talents for cooking, artistry and customer service!  So, they began their search together for the perfect location for a bed and breakfast. They found it at the Schuster Mansion.

Now the hard part of telling family and friends… or so they thought. The news was received with support and tears.  As you can imagine, the tears were of joy and of sadness.  A new chapter of life was ready to begin.


A native to Wisconsin, Rick learned his appreciation for country living from his family.  Rick dedicated his career to running a family-owned retail business. He appreciates the value of high quality service and understands what it will take to get you coming back for more.  Enjoy Rick’s company over a cup of coffee!

Laura Sue

You’ve heard of the saying, “It’s all in the details.” Laura Sue is just that. Many of the finishing touches, the finer details or the delightful tastes of her cookies are what she thinks about and what she makes happen each day.  All of this is possible because of her commitment to a small company she founded in 1999 that specialized in graphic design – Lines & Designs, Inc.  She is also a Wedding Coordinator, with that flair that makes every bride feel at ease.  It will be exciting to come back to the Mansion again and again as you can never expect what Laura Sue will create next to make your visit interesting and exciting each time you come.

Sebastian & Adorable

Sebastian arrived in June of 2016. In March of 2017, Adorable joined the family. This brother and sister duo is a pair of Himalayan Blue Point cuties. They are not allowed to roam the mansion, but they would gladly be carried to you for some petting.

What Our Guests Are Saying…

“This experience is so much better than staying at a hotel. We enjoyed the parlors as well as our room.”

Mary & Anthony